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Mom's Day Out : A Day Of Pampering For Moms

  " To the world, you are a Mother but to your family, you are the World" Hi, lovelies, So how's your weekend? Is it fun, tiring or just so-so? We woke up early today but unlike our daily routine, today is a bit different. Last night together with family, we decided to split all the responsibilities inside the house. Yes!, I'm not the only one who will do all the chores inside the house, not only today but every day and you will know why I changed the standard routine for my family. I'm a SAHM for almost 6 years now. I grew up in a household where the wife does all the household chores, family management, kids, grocery shopping, bills and so on. I remember my grandma always told me that it's the responsibility of the wife/mother to take care of everything even to the smallest details. When I decided to work online and started blogging, there were times that I felt like I'm worn out because of pressure to meet the deadlines and doing my r