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Singaporean Math teaches mental strategies to solve problems

Math, the subject that most Filipino students are having difficulty, a large percentage of which are failing this subject. I can still remember our Math teacher during my elementary and High School days, always reminding us not to make Mathematics complicated as different solutions can lead to one answer, and all you need to do is to choose the easiest one. Is it the way that the subject is being taught? Or does this only mean that our students are hopeless when it comes to this subject? If you feel the same way for your child, fear not because there are now Learning Centers that can guide your child and change their perspective towards Math. Singaporean Math is a world-renowned Mathematics Curriculum that can help in developing your child's problem-solving skills. And if you are looking for the right Learning Center to choose in providing this kind of Curriculum, you don't need to look far as BrainLight Learning Center offers this program and they have personalized i

REAP: Developing the Skills of 21st Century Filipino Educators

In this generation where most of the kids are technologically advanced, information is readily available for them in few taps on their mobile devices. to get at par with this, educators also need to evolve and use a more appropriate approach that would be effective in providing quality and effective ways of learning for this generation. Developing the skills of 21st-century Filipino educators like the English Tutor is one of the main goals of REAP. I can still remember my school days,where I need to write everything my teacher wrote on the board so that I can read through it when I get home for me to make sure that I understood our lesson for that day, pretty tiring but I know this is one of  the ways that I can catch up on our lesson as our ratio in our school is 1:45 students which make our room a bit crowded and just mere listening is hard due to noise being  created by your chatting seatmates and  most of us don't want to end up getting in the legendary "