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Best Bicycles for an Uphill Climb

Riding your bike around the city is a great way to unwind or add some exercise and variety to your daily commute. When your route includes a hill, you want a bike that can handle the incline. That’s why it’s important to find a women's beach cruiser bike with gears or other style that makes tackling hills a breeze. Follow this handy guide to find the best bike for heading uphill. Gears Are Your Friend Adjustable gears make it possible to ride your bike across a wide variety of terrain. If you’re planning to take on rolling hills on a regular basis, look for a bike that has multiple gears. There are great options for 7-speed or 21-speed models among bikes for women . Opt for a 7-speed version if you think you’ll be riding on non-flat, but not super-steep, streets. A 21-speed version is better equipped to handle uphill climbs, as well as trails and longer distances. The upright riding position of a women's beach cruiser bike with gears is more comfortable for riding

This Grade 12 artist can make awesome artworks with banana catsup

  When hard times strike and traditional resources are out of reach, the most creative of us can find ingenious ways to make one-of-a-kind works of art. This is especially true for Filipinos—and no one proves our resourcefulness and creativity more than this amazing Grade 12 artist, who didn’t need paint or pencils to create artwork. No, Vincent Dwight Paulo from Nueva Ecija uses banana catsup to draw portraits of famous personalities while staying at home during the community quarantine. While he first started with a catsup portrait back in 2018, it was during the quarantine when he really started honing this unique art skill. “I really engaged myself in doing catsup art since school and art supplies shops were closed,” said Vincent. “I was running out of materials, so I used catsup instead.” With creating catsup art being only a hobby for him, Vincent never thought it would become as popular as it did. Working with catsup Catsup was not the first medium he had used to create art, but

Filipinos proved to be the guiding light in the time of COVID

In the darkness, we see light. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to see the brightness of everyone who in their own little ways tried to bring hope and smile to our brave Frontliners and volunteers. The Organizations, Companies, and Individuals working together to lessen the burdens of our fellow Kababayans served as a ray of hope to a lot of us and inspired us to share whatever blessings that we have.The last few months were indeed challenging not only for us here in the Philippines but globally.  As we continue to face the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects that completely altered the normalcy we used to know, almost everyone feels that they are in the dark and without hope. SkinWhite, a pioneering whitening brand stood out by bringing light not just to whiten skin but to bring the light of hope to everyone through its #BeTheLight campaign.  This envisioned to champion togetherness with everyone, either by group or individual, to be the beacons of light in these trying times.

Sarah Geronimo's new, trusted partner for boosting her immunity

  At these times, boosting your immune system is your best defense against viruses and infections, with this same reason that we need to have the best partner in taking care of our health. Good thing Fern C is always ready to help us in building our immunity and increasing our resistance to infectious diseases. Sarah G gets a new and trusted partner for boosting her Immunity She is known as the country’s Popstar Royalty with a very large and loyal fan base. Even if she is busy with her showbiz commitments, Sarah Geronimo-Gudicelli makes sure that she closely monitors her health and that she takes her Vitamin C every day.  Now that Sarah has settled down and is ready to start her own family, she knows that she has to prioritize her and her family’s immunity in these unprecedented times. Sarah has found a new partner in strengthening her immunity as she is the new celebrity endorser of Fern C. “Inferness, Fern C is a big help for me because most of the time, I leave the house without eat

My Version of U.S. Potato Pan Pizza

  Potatoes play an essential role in our favorite Filipino dishes. We use them for our Picadillo, Caldereta, Mechado, Menudo, and even our all-time favorite Adobo! Then there is our go-to snack… Fries! And of course our favorite side dish, the Mashed Potato.  It is such a vital part of our daily meals, don’t you agree? Did you know that you can also use potatoes to make bread and pastries? Aside from having a much richer flavor than using regular flour, the bread made from potato is much softer and fluffier.  Potatoes can be used in a lot more ways than what we are accustomed to. They come in so many forms aside from fresh. Here in the Philippines, Potatoes USA also markets U.S. frozen and U.S. dehydrated potatoes. Potatoes can accommodate a host of flavor profiles, thus are useful in so many dishes and cuisines. Boiled, fried, baked, steamed, there is no limit to your cooking creativity when it comes to potatoes! Tater Tips and Tricks  I have learned that putting your peeled potatoes

Bespoke bibs for fun and colorful OOTDs for baby

Make your baby’s OOTDs fun and extra colorful with personalized baby bibs from Bibs Manila, a new online business that offers a selection of personalized bibs that are totally cute, quirky and functional.   The local brand was started by Kit and Kate Joaquin, who are also proud parents to now 6-year-old Kiel.   "Bibs Manila was born out of my love for personalized items. While I was on maternity leave six years ago, I would shop for items for my baby online. Most of the personalized bibs I found were embroidered and so delivery took a while. That sparked an idea for us," said Kate Joaquin, owner of Bibs Manila.   Bibs Manila has hundreds of fun designs that are available on their website. Browse and shop for designs from flowers and mermaids to dinosaurs and airplanes and many more! You can also create your own design aside from putting your baby's name on the bibs for a personal touch.   If you have artistic leanings, you can also opt to send in your own designs that Bib

Mang Inasal favorites now come in Family Size

   Your favorite Mang Inasal meals now come in Family Size and are available only via takeout or delivery. To address the growing demand for group meals for stay-at-home customers, Mang Inasal has added to its menu five new offerings: 4 pieces Chicken Inasal Paa Large, in either original or spicy variant; 3 pieces Chicken Inasal Pecho Large; 10 sticks Pork BBQ; and Palabok good for 4 to 5 servings. Prices start at Php199. The Mang Inasal Family Size meals are available for delivery through GrabFood, FoodPanda, and LalaFood. Customers may also call the specific Mang Inasal store for delivery or place their orders online through Mang Inasal Facebook Messenger Chatbot, Jose. In addition to observing high quality standards in food preparation and service, Mang Inasal also follows strict ‘no-touch’ delivery protocols for the safety of its employees and consumers.  For a complete listing of stores that offer takeout and delivery services, visit . In

Mambo's Korean Fried Chicken is a must try

Cravings struck again!  With the recent K-Drama's that I have watched for the last 2 days, there is always an episode where they've been happily enjoying Korean Fried Chicken, and since we can't go out due to the quarantine and we need to satisfy this craving,  Mambo Chicken is here to the rescue! Their Korean Fried Chicken is a must-try Original Korean Fried Chicken Very Crispy on the outside and still juicy on the inside with the right seasoning will make you crave for another bite. Ban Ban Chicken If you want to spice it up, this is the one for you. their mambo chicken has the combination of sweet and spicy goodness that levels up, so if you want the heat on a higher level you can certainly request it. For a very affordable price of P499, you can get the Family Set (8 Pcs Chicken , 4 Rice, and 4 peach Iced Tea) a real bang for the buck! The experience is not complete without trying their Chicken Teopokki and Chicken Japchae, it will surely satisfy your Korean Food Cravin

Order Red Ribbon Cake in 3 Easy Step through RIA

  As families mark special moments from the comfort of their homes these days—birthdays, anniversaries, graduations—one thing remains constant: a Red Ribbon cake or pastry! Knowing how much these celebrations mean the world to everyone, and in their desire to fulfill their commitment towards customer safety and satisfaction, Red Ribbon proudly introduces RIA –the brand’s smart and friendly online service crew who will assist customers in ordering their favorite Red Ribbon cakes and pastries via Facebook Messenger.  “At Red Ribbon, we are constantly seeking ways for our customers to conveniently and safely enjoy our products especially during these times,” says Red Ribbon Marketing Head Kent Mariano. “In introducing RIA, we immediately thought of making her available on Messenger, which is widely-used and easy to access. What’s more, our customers can chat with RIA wherever they may be through their mobile device.” So, who is RIA, you may ask? RIA is a contemporary and young take on a p