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Anytime Fitness Promotes Health and Wellness at the My Healthier Place Fitness Fest

Anytime Fitness, the world's largest and fastest-growing fitness franchise, is 
celebrating health and wellness with an obstacle course, fabulous giveaways, and 
plenty of Zumba at the My Healthier Place Fitness Fest at the BGC Amphitheatre, 

The main goal of the said event is to show people how they can improve their 
lifestyle while having fun, I can say that the weather was perfect for the said 
the event, it was not too hot since it was a bit cloudy that day but it was just 
right for participants that joined the Fitness Bootcamp, in which they have 
initiated different routine exercises or cross fit that tested their patience, 
agility and stamina.

During his short talk, the  Anytime Fitness CEO Maurice Levine also showcased the people that achieved their fitness goals with the help of Anytime Fitness and its program, and how 
a member can access other gyms around the world with only a key, he also 
highlighted the determination of each individual to change for his/her own 

Grand Opening and Successful Partnership of Happy Clinique and E- Prime Skin Care - One Stop Clinic For All Your Beauty and Wellness Needs

For couple of weeks I suffered from breakouts, in which multiple factors contributed to my skin problem, factors like, skincare products, diet, lifestyle and environment. I was so busy running in to some errands and personal matters, with that I always forgot to visit a skincare expert.
It was so timely that I received an invite from Mr. Nestor Layderos of Light Network Channel 33 - "Magaan Dito Kapatid" to attend the grand opening/launch of
E- Prime Skincare and Happy Clinique

I met Ms. Elize Estrada, a very lovely person and a firm believer that one can still look and feel beautiful despite a busy schedule. She could help us achieve the best that we can through E Prime Skin Care
Ms.Estrada is also one of the most experienced medical aestheticism of Belo. Proven to be one of the best in the industry, VIP's and famous celebrities are being under her care. She is also one of the brains behind the success of Belo Medical Group. She is also a PR Manager of both local and i…