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How to shape your kids to become responsible and wise spenders

As  parents, we always want our kids to have a better future . We try to give them the best of everything in every way that we can. But as the saying goes, we should not always give them fish, we should teach them how to fish  and help them grow. In this generation, kids are way more independent, curious, and witty. At their young age they already have their own goals in life and dreams that they wanted to achieve. What can we do as parents to help and  make sure that our kids will become responsible and wise spenders as they get older? Isn't it amazing if we can teach our kids on how to manage their finances at an early age?  This will allow them to have knowledge on how to unlock financial stability and value the money that they earn or save. Here are some tips in helping and teaching our kids how to manage their finances . 1. Php 1.00 P5.00 P10.00 challenge As young as 2 years old you can start teaching your kids about her/his financial journey as early as p