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Beat the summer heat and Experience Cool and Comfort with Sharp J-Tech Inverter Refrigerator and Air Conditioner

Summer on the beach is one of the things that most of us are thinking about right now. With the scorching summer heat, the fresh sea breeze will surely lessen the stress brought by hot temperatures, but with the current restrictions and quarantines that we have, we may need to reschedule our summer trip.  Although this may have been one of the adjustments that we are having under the new normal, it does not mean that we need to be bored and bear the summer heat at home. We can take this opportunity to bond with our family and learn new hobbies.  As we do these things, Sharp Philippines wants to provide us a safe yet convenient experience as we stay inside our house within this hot weather. With its elegant and functional refrigerators, no need to go out often for your ingredients when preparing a meal. You can stock up your necessities and food items without worrying about what to cook for the next few days. Here are some of the state-of-the-art inverter refrigerators from Sharp that c

Parañaque and Manila Foodies can now Mix and Match their favorite food with Grab Kitchen

Are you having difficulty deciding what you should be having for lunch or dinner? Imagine the hassle of taking you almost an hour browsing all your favorites from different restaurants, but ending up being disappointed because you can only choose one or end up doing multiple orders. Fret not! Because GrabFood has launched the GrabKitchen, This new and exciting treat for Manila and South Foodies is the answer to your dilemma. With their Malate and Paranaque branches ready to cater to your orders, you can make use of the Mix and Match Feature of GrabKitchen, which will allow you to order all your favorites from different merchants in one order. Since dinner preparation seemed to failed today, I decided to order our dinner using GrabKitchen. With the variety of Merchants on their Paranaque branch, I never had the difficulty of finding the food that we want, and here are our picks for today: Kyoto Sushi Bake More than the appetizing look, this California Mango Bake Sushi has taken the su

Appreciating Our Tireless Grab Delivery Riders this Labor Day

It has been more than a year that our country is in community quarantine. Within this duration of preventing the spread of COVID, we still try to adjust to the new normal like social distancing, wearing face masks and face shields, and some of us even started working at home to lessen the chances of getting sick. During the height of the pandemic, we relied heavily on Online Delivery Services to purchase our food, groceries, and other necessities, especially when my husband has been part of the skeletal workforce of their company and needed to stay at their office.  Online Delivery Services like Grab Food and Grab Mart served as the bridge of different businesses to consumers during the community quarantine, employing hundreds or more delivery riders in delivering essentials to households. Just like our other frontliners, these brave delivery riders deserve to be acknowledged. While browsing today, I saw this short video for Labor Day from Grab to pay tribute to the brave delivery part