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One2Shop: Making e-Commerce Fast and Easy for Today’s Market

Its been a busy month for me. Going to gathering,events and visiting my relatives and some friends. Traffic is driving me crazy and most of the malls and supermarkets are crowded.  To tell you frankly,I wasnt able to buy Christmas gifts until the last night.Its a good thing that I found a new cool place to shop. Enter One2Shop, the newest e-commerce destination for Filipino online shoppers located all over the Philippines. Up until now, the bulk of the "online shopping malls" available in the country have been mostly foreign. But with One2Shop, these e-commerce websites will finally have the much-needed local touch that users will love. According to a recent research conducted by Google, more than half of the population in the Asia Pacific region prefer to shop through mobile apps. Meanwhile, over 40% like to use their browser to visit their preferred e-commerce web sites. This is also very reflective of the recent Black Friday shopping spree where 40% of the p