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Conti's Launches Newest Cake to Celebrate 25th Anniversary

  To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Conti's Bakeshop and Restaurant has rolled out a handmade cake creation that tells a sweet story: the Hazelnut Fudge cake. “This decadent concoction celebrates our past, present, and future,” says Angela Conti-Martinez, one of the Conti sisters who founded and continues to own the Filipino restaurant chain. This new Conti’s Hazelnut Fudge cake is made with hazelnut mousse and vanilla cream on a bed of crushed sugar cone, with bits of brownie brittle in between, topped with chewy hazelnut fudge.  Patricia Tan, general manager and daughter of Cecille Conti-Marañon, one of the company's founders, says that her mom and two sisters, Carole Conti-Sumulong and Angela Conti-Martinez, see the new cake as a perfect representation of the founding Conti sisters.  “Just like the three main components of the cake, my mom and her two sisters complement each other very well,” Tan said. “They’re different from each other and bring something unique to the tab