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Piolo Pascual's funny videos help OFs mental burden

Being away from your family and loved-ones brings unimaginable sadness. Imagine this struggle that our OFW's need to face every day as they perform their duties in different countries missing every event with their families. I still remember when I was an OFW in Hong Kong, despite my everyday struggle in missing my family, I always think of their future and that makes me stronger. Providing them what they need and sending money to my loved ones back in the Philippines gives me satisfaction from all the sacrifices I made abroad, and of course, sending the hard-earned money requires a trusted remittance partner where I can ensure that my family will receive it safely, and that's where BDO partner establishment helped me. Experts in the Philippines and other countries have been warning us: along with the wave of COVID-19 infections would be a wave of mental illness. There’s no avoiding that: people are anxious, afraid, and many have lost jobs and face an uncertain future.