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Live Brighter Session with Mr.Jonathan Yabut

Are you still undecided which path you should take?Are you still questioning or asking yourself what you like to be or who you want to be? Are you still figuring out if you still want to work 8-9 hrs  in the company or are you willing to take a risk to come out from your comfort zone? Those are the same questions I have in mind. That's why it was a great opportunity for me when I attended the Sun Life "Live Brighter Session." A gathering of millennials, bloggers and people who wish to be a financial advisor of Sun Life. I was also struggling at my age, I know that it's already a bit late but like Jonathan Yabut said " You're not too small to Dream Big" Jonathan Yabut was the 1st ever winner of the hit reality show " Apprentice Asia ". He was also a Chief of staff of Air Asia for one year after winning in the reality show hosted by the Malaysian mogul Tony Fernandez.   Now he runs his own JY Consultancy & Ventures , which oper