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Adobong Sitaw with Breaded Tofu

Lately,I notice that we are consuming too much meat which is really not good for our health.Also I'm on a tight budget right now,so I'm thinking to prepare a meal that my family will love without noticing or asking for meat. Instead of using pork in this recipe I used Tofu. Tofu is also a good source of protein . This is really a super easy recipe . I used the Lee Kum Kee Premium SoySauce. This SoySauce is not too salty and have this sweet taste ,it can make your dish more flavorful. ( don't get me wrong this is not a sponsored post..hehe)       Adobong Sitaw with Breaded                                      Tofu Cooking Time : 30 minutes Ingredients : 2 cups of sitaw/string beans 2 onions ( chopped ) 1/3 cup Lee Kum Kee Premium SoySauce 1/8 cup Vinegar 1 tsp brown sugar Oil for frying 1 cup bread crumbs 8 pcs. of Tofu ( cut 1nch ) 1/4 cup water 1/8 tsp pepper Procedure: 1. Heat enough oil In a frying pan 2. Dip the Tofu in the breadcrumbs

Steamed Pork and Sauteed Veggies

What's for dinner? How about Steamed Pork and Sauteed Veggies I'm a person that can't eat without vegetables. My husband really loves meat like pork and beef ,he is not much into chicken unless it is fried or roasted. Thats why I decides to prepare this meal for him. The meat on top of the rice is a Steamed Marinated Pork. Ingredients : * 250 grms of ground pork * 2 pcs of garlic * 4 tbsp Kikoman light soy sauce * 1 1/2 tbsp. Cream Pure Cornstarch * 1 tbsp olive oil/corn oil * 1 tbsp sesame oil * salt and pepper to taste *  leeks *  1 bellpepper *  1 medium size carrots *  5 pcs dried Shiitake Mushroom Procedure * Wash the ground meat and put it a bowl *  Add the chopped Dried Shiitake Mushroom * Add the soy sauce,salt,oil and cornstarch * Make sure to mix it properly . * You can steamed it on top of the rice ( make sure to put the ground pork when the rice is almost cook) or You can steam it in a steamer. Put some garlic