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A Quick Pre-Summer Vacation at Casa Lucretia

  With travel restrictions starting to ease, wouldn't it be nice to have a quick getaway and reconnect with your loved ones and nature?  After almost three years of staying at home due to lockdowns and quarantines, We had the opportunity to be out of town to unwind and relieve some stress.   A three-and-a-half-hour drive from Manila, our destination is Casa Lucretia, a private property located in Abo, Nagcarlan Laguna, owned by celebrity hair-stylist Lourd Ramos. With the location nearing the famous Mount Banahaw, the abundant trees greeted us on our way to Casa Lucretia, giving you the refreshing vibe and calmness that can melt your stress away, and arriving at our destination is worth the trip. The property is near a small hill and with a view of the famous mountain in the area. The triangular loft-style house equipped with a private mini pool is perfect for a family vacation and can accommodate up to 12 people. With two bedrooms with a pullover bed, two bathrooms, and a fully f

Different activities can help develop your child's mind and physical abilities

The school year is about to end, like most of the kids, Chelsea is excited to start her vacation, she even told us about her plans for her vacation, seems funny but this is one way that we see how she tries to manage her time. And aside from playing outside with her scooter and friends, going to the beach, and visiting our relatives, we want her to have a meaningful and memorable vacation. Chelsea is really full of energy and ideas, aside from drawing, we allow her to do small chores at home and believe it or not, she also managed to grow few plants in her mini-garden. She also started to join fun-runs, which we enjoyed a lot as it serves as bonding time for us. During my younger years, I also wanted to have this kind of activities but time and opportunity forbid it, so this time I wanted my daughter to be exposed to different activities that will help her develop her mind and physical abilities. Aside from being active, eating is one of the things that she reall

Memorable Staycation at Loreland Farm at Luljettas Hanging Garden

A staycation is always on my list to do things every year. Its one way to have a nice bonding moment,to relax ,to relieve stress and to escape the busy city. This was our staycation in Loreland Farm  last year. Loreland Farm is one of the nicest resort in Antipolo City. I booked our 2 days and 1 night stay in Buenvinido Travel and Tours.       This is where we stay for 2 days and 1 night. Because I was too excited I forgot to take a photo of our room. But the room have TV and Aircon They have kiddie pools too.  We have complimentary breakfast only for 2 ,so we decided to order pancake for Chelsea and she liked it. After  breakfast we just explore the whole Loreland Farm then decided to check out  and go to Luljettas Hanging Garden. Luljettas Hanging Garden Did you know that Luljettas Hanging Garden and Spa is the only Hanging Garden Spa in the Philippines?. . The staff gave us robes to use and a basket where we can p