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Tahong Island is the Latest Seafood Craze in the South

Seafood is a good source of protein and vitamins. It is also rich in omega-3 fatty acid. My love for seafood is overwhelmingly big as my appetite for it and with this being said, have you ever heard of the latest seafood craze in the south? Last February 23rd, After an event in Quezon City we visited the Tahong Island in El Grande, BF Homes Paranaque. This place offers mouthwatering seafood dishes in which all the recipe was originally created by Mr. Edward Gutierrez, one of the owners of Tahong Island. (L-R) Me, Mr. Edward Gutierrez and Trisha Aguilar, Natalie Tugade of Seraphimnotes blog. Photo Credit to Ms.Tugade. Tahong Island is the first business venture of the lovely couple Edward Gutierrez and Trish Aguilar. Their business started when Mr.Gutierrez's Baked Mussels became a hit to their coworkers and officemates. After that they decided to put up a store where everyone can order and have a taste of their mouthwatering seafood dishes. While Mr.Gutierrez i