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AC Health continues to expand to develop healthier communities

Health should always be the primary concern of everyone. But due to the price increase in medical needs such as doctor's consultation fee, prescriptive drugs, and other medical expenses, some individuals or families rely on alternative medicine or self-medication instead of seeking medical attention to a doctor. But do you know that there are medical facilities that aim to serve more families and develop a healthier community? The Ayala Healthcare Holdings, Inc ( AC Health ) continues to expand to reach more communities through retail health and new technology. On its third-year operation, AC Health widens its reach to serve more families, and develop healthier communities. Generika Drugstore , the pioneer in the retail of generic medicines, and FamilyDOC, a 3-in-1 primary care facility with the combined services of a clinic, a diagnostics facility, and a pharmacy. With almost 800 stores nationwide, Generika Drugstore provides greater access to affordable yet qual

Raise a Happy and Healthy Kid with NestoGrow

Giving your child what they need is not the only factor that will help them grow. We may be able to give them the toys that they wanted but it does not end there we also need to ensure that their emotional needs and the environment that they move is suitable for them. And as a mom, one of the key roles that we have is to ensure that everything is balanced and we are giving them the proper attention that will help them feel they are truly loved. Happiness has and will always be a fundamental desire of moms for their families. Being aware of this is important, especially in today’s environment where negativity and bad news abound. “Ang kaligayahan ng pamilya ko ay mahalaga sa akin dahil ito ang sukatan ng halaga ko bilang ina.” This is a resounding insight that Nestlè continues to learn from many moms. Because of this, NESTOGROW 4, the newest growing-up milk brand that aims to help moms in raising healthy and happy kids, moved forward with their advocacy, Grow Happy. This is a