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Celebrating Philippine Independence while enjoying your favorite Filipino food at home with GrabFood

 One of the things that I can remember of my childhood is the Philippine Independence dlDay celebration. Waking up hearing the national anthem being sung from the television while the Philippine Flag raising is being re-enacted in Aguinaldo Shrine, I remember creating the Philippine flag using bond paper and crayon and attaching it to a skewer so I can display it outside of our house, while my Lola is preparing our lunch early with our favorite adobo or sinigang. Years may have passed, and I may now have my own family, but this nostalgic feeling is always present during this celebration. Even with the new normal that we have due to the pandemic, I still try to do simple celebrations to commemorate the independence of our country and also teach my daughter how to create her Philippine flag. For this year, instead of preparing a simple meal, we have decided to order our food via GrabFood Delivery for our favorite Filipino Food. Aside from saving time in preparation, this also helps our