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Hainan Chicken and Ginger Sauce

This dish is one of my favorite na niluluto ng Nanay.For me ito ang isa sa mga pinkadabest.Kaya naman I make sure na pinanood ko sya talaga habang niluluto nya to.

I remembered how we finished yung buong kaldero ng Hainan rice and Hainan Chicken.

So I'm sharing this to you guys.


7 pcs of Monterey Chicken Thighs
3 Tbsp of Salt
Green Onions
1 cup Ginger
10 lemongrass
5 Cups of Water
4tbsp of Knorr Chicken Powder


1. Season  the chicken with salt  2 .Use a big pot and put in the  water . 3. Add in  the Chicken,Ginger,Onions,GreenOnions,Lemongrass 4.. Bring to  boil for about 30 minutes and then immediately turn the heat to low to keep a simmer . 5. Add 4 tbsp of Knorr Chicken Powder You’ll see some brown things on top of the boiling water.That's dirt,so you have to remove it.  4.After 1 hour,Turn oFF the heat and transfer the Chicken in a bowl with ice,Just turn the chicken for few times until both side were cooled. Note: The Ice will make the chicken skin firm, The broth c…