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Bloggers Meet Up with Mr.Cesar Montano as the New Head of Tourism Promotions Board

Inline of my blog's target this year which is travel and food review. I also decided to promote the beauty of the Philippines.There are a lot of negative talks about our country right now. Some news and articles has been twisted and most of the Filipinos and people from other country believed it as a biased reporting. As these news reach our televisions, it also leaves bad impression to us and for foreign people towards our country. As We all contribute for the growth of our country by paying our proper taxes, We should also remember our responsibility to share and let other people know what the real deal is. My aim is to help Philippines in my own simple way. This opportunity opened when I received an invitation for a meeting in one of the government's office. I was invited together with other fellow bloggers to meet the newly appointed COO of Tourism Promotions Board Philippines. Palawan This is one of my dream destination this summer2017 Mr.Cesar Monta