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Cars 3 Mini Toys and Movie Review

Are you a fan of Lightning McQueen ? The red racing car which is popular with most kids. Even me in my 30's I still love watching these characters. My daughter has grown together with Lightning Mcqueen as she already watched Cars 1 and 2  when she was 3-4 years old. When she heard the news that we will be watching and attending the premiere night of  Cars 3, she was really excited and smile was all over her face. The press conference for the "Cars mini toys" was held at SM Southmall. there were a  lot of Cars mini toys that have been available for purchase. There are games and attendees took home collectible items from Cars 3, It was really a haven for Cars lover. After the mini toy event, we went straight to the cinema to watch Cars 3. Chelsea was really really excited as the movie stars as she is holding her pop corn, and the smile started to show as she started to watch her favorite red car, Lightning McQueen. the movie was full of surprises and n