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LG’s New Refrigerator Lineup Blends Smarts and Style

  With the goal of offering a smarter experience for consumers, LG recently unveiled its new generation of refrigerators. The new lineup plays into LG’s vision of a smart, interconnected home. The new lineup boasts of smart features that retain fan-favorite innovations and improve on existing technologies. Even with all the features and new technology, the units are also elegantly designed to be sleek and compact to ensure a seamless integration for any home. One of the major features for the new lineup is the LG ThinQ with wifi connectivity. LG's Smart Learning technology learns your patterns over a 3-week period to optimize everything from energy and cooling performance to energy consumption. With this technology, your fridge just got a lot smarter. A feature that uses this is Smart Fresh Air, which applies optimal food storage algorithms with usage pattern analysis. It minimizes inner temperature fluctuations with the intensive cooling logic two hours before frequent door openin