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Jollibee launches improved Premium Brewed Coffee and all-new Coffee Mocha Float

Coffee is one of the things that keeps me awake and energized every morning. For a coffee monster like me this new annoucement from Jollibee really makes me more excited. The new improved Premium Brewed Coffee and the all-new Coffee Mocha Float! Kickstart the day with a delicious blend of premium coffee beans There’s nothing better to kickstart a busy morning than a steaming cup of joe that smells and tastes just right. Jollibee’s new and improved brewed coffee is the ideal partner for any Jolly breakfast favorite, the new brewed coffee boasts of leveled-up flavor and strength to get your day started with a satisfied smile. Each cup of Jollibee’s brewed coffee is now made with high-quality premium beans for a stronger, full-bodied taste and richer, roasted aroma, in every sip. The new Premium Brew from Jollibee is great to enjoy in multiple ways: with your Jolly breakfast faves, on its own, strong and black, or with your ideal amount of creamer and sugar. Enjoy i