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Shopee Partners with Leading Beauty Brands, Maybelline and Palmolive in Celebration of Women Empowerment

Shopee partnered with the leading beauty brands Maybelline and Palmolive in celebration of women empowerment. Five Women's Right advocate shared their own personal journey and stories on how they overcame the society's beauty standards and gave tips, pieces of advice to encourage all Filipina women to do the same. 2013 Ms. World Megan Young together with KC Concepcion, and well-known blogger influencers Martha Jante, Kristine Roces and Helen Payawal, the women who advocate women empowerment graced the event.
Jane Lim, Director of Shopee Philippines, said, “Shopee’s Beauty Fair is a celebration of women and their success, and we are proud to partner Maybelline and Palmolive for this event - both leading beauty brands who share the same belief that women should be celebrated as they are. Beauty Fair was conceptualized as part of Shopee’s continued commitment to empowering Filipina across the country. We hope that this serves as an inspirational platform for more women to take a …

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful with Crystal White

There are more things your skin needs aside from what you think. Most of us think that when your skin is white then there is no need to take care of it.

Eating fruits that are good for your skin is great but it is not always available for you to consume, that is one of the reasons why skin supplements are readily available.

With this being said, what's in it for you?

 It’s the vitamins for your skin you never knew you needed. It is the only SKIN SUPPLEMENT that has a lot of health benefits while at the same time serves as antioxidant and whitening.

It can help regulate bowel movement. (aids in constipation)Helps give you a better sleep.Helps in giving you a toned body because it can help burn fats. (resveratrol)It protects your cells from being damaged due to sun exposure. (Grapeseed).It interferes with tyrosine in releasing dark pigment in your skin. (L-cystein)It contains seven (7) (mostly organic) ingredients to help your skin achieve its full potential leaving your skin healthy…

Novelina Skincare Products with Snail Serum Review

Skin is the largest organ of the body and this is the part that is always exposed to pollutants and stress. Not all products have compounds or have ingredients that can shield our skin from harmful radicals that can cause a long-term damage to our skin. 

Aside from everyday protection that our skin needs, your skin can also be sensitive like mine. I've tried using different brands of skincare products but I ended up having rashes and severe breakouts. This is one of the major reason why I only buy the smallest available size of skincare products. Until last week I was still looking for the right product that won't irritate my skin or have any complication. 
A friend of mine introduced this new brand of skincare product that is perfect for my age, the Novelina. I'm trying this product for a week now.

Novelina High-Potency Anti-Aging Cream & Skin Lightener
This product is expertly formulated as an age-defying solution, it also has a SNAIL SERUM which is one of the well-k…