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How Busy, Hardworking Moms Create #PocketFullofFun Moments with their Kids

Being a mom is not as easy as it looks, taking care of your kids is not enough. Proper guidance, love and affection are also important and you need to balance everything from your work, household chores and spending time with the kids. For these superwomen, finding the best sidekick is the key, having a trusty companion can make things easier. Moms nowadays are such multifaceted individuals. On top of managing housework, their careers, and their kids, they also have to make sure that their parenting styles are not overshadowed by their hectic schedules. These superwomen may be masters at multitasking, but sometimes, they do reach their limits. That’s why they need extra help when it comes to making sure that they take care for their little ones well. Take for example Pearl Paguio, a mother of three kids who also works as a freelance writer. As a woman who also has to balance her career with her other responsibilities, it is the little parenting details that she has to