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6 Restaurants Frequently Visited in Westgate Alabang

The Kitchen Mom took another food adventure to the city of South to check out 6 restaurants frequetly visited by people in Westgate, Alabang. I've been living in the South area since childhood days. South area is very well-known for some  landmarks like the Bamboo Organ, Sarao Motors, and the old  salt farm. South area continue to progress attracting more investors and people to relocate in this area because of the relaxing and nice environment. Investors started to build bigger malls, food parks, and place that are great for the family to visit and to chill out with friends, one of it is in Westgate Center Alabang, Muntinlupa City. Westgate Center Alabang is 9.2 hectares with a street style concept like  a neo-cosmopolitan setting. It's like a village within a big village. The concept of this is giving patrons and customers like the main street ambiance for more relaxing. Since this momma has interest in food, I will take you to an awesome food adventure inside W