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Cruising the high seas in effortless indulgence with SuperStar Virgo

They say that you need to give chance to yourself to experience new things life can offer, sail the seas to find new adventures that you will cherish the rest of your life. Taking a cruise could be the one that you're looking for on your next get away or just simply trying to unwind and relax on your own way. With the gentle swaying of the sea that seems to lullaby its passengers, a timely cruise can bring a much-needed calmness, even to the weariest of travellers. Just imagine, spending days at sea in complete solitude, staring at the vastness of the open ocean with nary a thought of one’s daily troubles. Days full of exciting possibilities with nowhere to be, no one to see, and best of all, no distractions - a complete cruise-cation to celebrate life.          The majestic SuperStar Virgo will make Manila its homeport from March to May. The cruise ship offers travellers a visa-free way to visit cities in Taiwan and southern Japan. In the past decade, cruises have