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Parenting Style: Creating Meaningful and Healthy Memories

Mom and child bonding moments are the most important factor for the child social and cognitive development. Creating meaningful, priceless and healthy memories with our children will make them ready for the future. Moms know how precious the time is they get to spend with their children. While juggling work responsibilities and taking care of the home and family, moms have learned the art of time management. However, moms may even find themselves busier during summertime when the kids are at home and looking for things to do. (“I’m bored, Mom!” sound familiar?) Summer offers many opportunities to bond with your kids, create memories, and develop skills that they’ll be able to take with them as they grow up. Here are some ideas for bonding activities perfect for your family: 1. Capture moments with a camera.  Set a photo shoot as a family either on a specific time of the year (like birthdays or anniversaries) or a location (like a summer vacation house) to create a tradition