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Bento Making Creation with Tupperware

A few weeks ago I was invited by Tupperware for their blogger's party. I was really excited knowing that we will be having a Bento Making Activity. As you all know that cooking has a special place in my heart and it became my passion but Bento making is another thing. Making cute bento lunch box unleashes the creativity of a person. It may seem easy for some but actually it was not, and I'm of the very few that I think has been having a hard time to make a cute appetizing bento lunch box. That's why I really said yes to this invite of Tupperware and I'm really thankful that they have invited me. I prepared some Tempura Sushi and White Chocolate mousse on the side.  Doing some bento will be much easier if you have the right tools with you. Tupperware products made my cooking a lot easier  from  thin slicing the cucumber for the Tempura Sushi, Kiwi and Apple and for the White Chocolate Mousse and decorations.  The Tupperware lunch box was the perfe