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It was a Backyard Idea, Yummy Diet LiveStyle

  “It was a Backyard Idea.” This is the first thing that comes out of the owner's mouth when you ask where it all started. It started as an idea full of raw zeal and aspiration from different people with different personalities, backgrounds, and upbringing in life at a place where you usually eat, drink, and play. Young people at the peak of their quarter life inspired each other to venture on a business that has a very vague future. A business in the food industry delivering calorie counted meals was created and launched in a matter of one month, serving individuals in the central business district. CONFIDENCE “Yummy Diet” the only name that embodied confidence and hope in pursuing and battling in an industry where the needs are high and ever demanding. They knew from the very beginning that “Yummy Diet” will be the foundation of their company. Five Individuals, hungry for success, growth, and self development, started and made a breakthrough just by doing what needs to be don