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Bounty Fresh Promotes the Health Benefits of Eggs

   Can Egg be bad for your  health? This is one of the misconceptions about eggs. When I was in high school I was only allowed to consume an egg once a week, my grandma said it can cause skin allergy and it is high in cholesterol. I grew up in this thinking that consuming too much egg can harm our health. But this misconception about eggs was all cleared when I attended the Bounty Fresh Egg World Day 2017 celebration held at the Atrium, Eastwood Mall. The event promotes the health benefits of eggs, cooking demos, and fun activities. Ms. Bettina Carlos Ms. Bettina Carlos, a hands-on mom and one of the very well-known influencers in the Philippines hosted the Bounty Fresh World Egg Day 2017 celebration. Fun Games and Activities EGGSKETBALL LEAGUE I need to shoot even just a piece of egg in any of the baskets. A bit since the basket was moving too fast. GOLD ON SCRAMBLED!   Twenty seconds to find the golden egg, glad that I've found it just on