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Mega Sardines announces new exciting variants

Mega Sardines announces exciting new variants and Piolo Pascual's 2nd year as ambassador Sardines have always been a staple in every Filipino household. It's great to partnered with rice, bread and even with pasta. We all know that Filipinos are really passionate and fun-loving people and We really like to try new and exciting flavors of our favorite brand food. Filipinos will surely love to know that the  world class brand Mega Sardines introduces new variants with exciting flavors and create feast of senses. Mega Sardines New Variants: Mega Sardines in Spanish-Style Mega Sardines in Natural Oil Mega Fried Sardines Tausi Mega Extra Hot Sardines Mega Fried Sardines Hot and Spicy This new offering from Mega Sardines brings joy that comes from our tradition like Filipino fiesta. Through the years, Mega Sardines  well-loved flavors have become an important part of family meals and have come to define the Filipino way of life. Mega Sardines is the