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Fiery Style: Experience the Modern Mexican taste in Newport City

I am not a fan of Mexican food, but that could have been due to those restaurants that I have dined that promises  "authentic and delicious dining experience" but ended up with a regretful dining experience

A close friend recommended to try Fiery Style in Resorts World and I was not disappointed, although you really need to wait for the food to be served, I can say the wait was worth, I've read some bad reviews but I am glad that I still tried coz I definitely had a different and pleasant experience.


A combination of Modern design and Mexican ambiance with perfect lighting not too bright in the eyes and not too dim for you to appreciate the color of the food and the Mexican styled designs, perfect for food selfies.

Although the place was kind of hiding from the sight of possible customers, they have courteous usherettes that will guide you to where the restaurant is and is more than willing to take your orders.

Chairs are kinda compressed due to the allotted spa…

Mati's Meat and Bread Serving Traditional Comfort Food

If you are looking for a new place to bring your family for a memorable bonding moment, I recommend you to visit Mati's Meat and Bread in Festival Mall, Alabang Muntinlupa. For sure most of you know the Melo's Steakhouse, they are well-known for delicious and perfectly grilled steak. The Mati's Meat and Bread were put up by Ms. Caron Santiago- Macasaet, she is one of the heirs of Melo's culinary legacy.They decided to put up a casual dining restaurant wherein you can bring your whole family or friends for a casual dining.

When it comes to food, I can say that the price is still affordable with those big serving. The salad can be enjoyed by 2-3 person depends on the appetite, the Buffalo wings are perfect for sharing, the Wagyu Burger, 4 Cheese Pizza, and the Wagyu Rib Eye Steak is my top pick here at Mati's Meat and Bread.

Mama's Buffalo Wings Chicken wings is crispy and sweet. It is served with blue cheese dipping sauce. Children will love this appetizer but i…

Sumptuous Lunch at Crystal Dragon City of Dreams Manila

Crystal Dragon is one of the signature restaurant hiding in the gigantic and luxurious walls of City of Dreams Manila. This restaurant is very well known for its' Traditional Cantonese Cuisine. It was awarded as one of the Top 20 restaurants in the Philippines. Crystal Dragon promises to give their diners a premium Cantonese fine dining.

I was one of the invited guests to try their A La Carte Menu using Australian Grass Fed Beef, as we all know grass fed beef is the healthier version of beef. It is rich in Omega 3+ fatty acid and Omega 6+ and it also has fewer calories.

Before we go the main dish, of course, Crystal Dragon sticks to their way of giving their diners a nice and memorable dining experience.

Diners are given welcome tea, it's a combination of Puer and Oolong Tea with Dried Rose Petal and the jelly was also made from Rose Petal.
3 Steamed Cantonese Dim Sum 
"They had me on their Dim Sum! "   The taste, the preparation, and the plating were totally…

5 Shocking Truths about Xander's Diners

Xander's Diner is one of the first diners in Las Piñas City. The store is located in Alabang Zapote Road just across StarMall or Vista Mall.

What did I found out after we dine in. Know the 5 Shocking Truths about Xander's Diner and why regular customers keeps coming back.

1. Its not as expensive as like what other people think

- Everytime we buy our stuff in Starmall just across Xander's Diners , we always pass by this diner.
At first, I thought that the food could be as expensive like other well known diners or burger house.
I was totally wrong!, when we tried the food that they serve, it was cheaper in which the food price ranges from P50 - P300, a great deal without burning your cash.

2. They have the best milkshakes

I remember when milkshakes became a hit, there were restaurants who offer their different versions​ of milkshakes, some placed donuts, sprinkles, chocolate bars, and almost all the sweet stuff that you can think of, but the shake it self is merely just crush…

Senyor Juan Suman Latik : Offers Rice Cakes with a Twist

Are you an avid fan of Pinoy Kakainin( Filipino Delicacies ).
 I grew up eating homemade kakanin like Maja Blanca, Biko, Puto, Kutsinta and Suman  Latik. I always wait for the grandpa who sells Suman Latik in our area but recently he stopped selling Suman Latik in our area.

 One of my favorite place to visit if im craving for rice cakes or suman with latik is Senyor Juan. They offer rice cakes with a twist, that it makes more appealing and appetizing.

I recently visited one of the Senyor Juan branch in SM Mall of Asia. I was able to try all the new variants which is found really good.


Espesyal Ube Mcapuno Suman Latik Espesyal Ube Macapuno Suman Latik is the their best seller. Around 3:00  in the afternoon its alreadfy sold out. I like the rich taste of the Ube Macapuno on top of the Suman with the original latik sauce. You can indulge this for only P69.

My Pick 

Espesyal Mangga Suman Latik I love Mango and Suman and to have it both in one delicacie is really a nice treat for m…