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I am not a fan of Mexican food, but that could have been due to those restaurants that I have dined that promises  "authentic and delicious dining experience" but ended up with a regretful dining experience

A close friend recommended to try Fiery Style in Resorts World and I was not disappointed, although you really need to wait for the food to be served, I can say the wait was worth, I've read some bad reviews but I am glad that I still tried coz I definitely had a different and pleasant experience.


A combination of Modern design and Mexican ambiance with perfect lighting not too bright in the eyes and not too dim for you to appreciate the color of the food and the Mexican styled designs, perfect for food selfies.

Although the place was kind of hiding from the sight of possible customers, they have courteous usherettes that will guide you to where the restaurant is and is more than willing to take your orders.

Chairs are kinda compressed due to the allotted space but I can say that it will be a great opportunity for family and friends to be more close to each other. perfect if you want to have a closer conversation with your family or a night out with friends.

live performers are scheduled just outside the restaurant so you can experience some live performances from artists and known singers whenever there is a schedule.



Fiery Nachos

I remember my friend recommending the nachos here, so that was the first that we've ordered and boy! I was really amazed by the generous serving of the bucket full of nachos with Mexican chili beef, tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, olives and cheese sauce and more cheese and special sauce. This is a must try for those who wanted to visit. price around $6-$6.5 USD


Steaks are cooked based on your request so better have it medium well so you can somehow enjoy it or medium rare will do. priced around $19 USD for a kilo


One of the highlights would be their LORD OF THE WINGS
in which chicken wings are served hanging skewered on a metal rod, flavored to impress in HOT HOT HOT Sauce jalapenos, Texan Style BBQ and Nacho Cheese Sauce and Bacon. perfect for sharing with your friends and family, priced around $19-20 USD


For those who might be asking for the price range of the food.
It ranges from $4-20.00 USD shareable for 2-4 people and I can say that it is worth the amount and of course depending on what you will order.

They have been really creative and passionate about the drinks that they serve here, I love their cucumber lime mint juice and their pitcher of green mandarin.

Margaritas and mojitos are also served and it's bottomless for around $7.00 USD not bad and I can say that it is worth the price! available are classic minty mojito, strawberry margarita, strawberry banana flavored.


I was expecting it to be somehow like commercialized but I was surprised that it tasted great.


Choco fudge topped with vanilla ice cream and chili, although the chili went MIA  for some reason I can say this is HEAVEN, a really must try for those who are planning to visit.

Staff is really attentive and courteous, well-trained to handle guests and I'll give them kudos for that!

there is still room for improvement for the time in serving the food, understandable that it is being prepared. A bit pricey but I can say that it is still worth for every buck.

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