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Adobong Sitaw with Breaded Tofu

Lately,I notice that we are consuming too much meat which is really not good for our health.Also I'm on a tight budget right now,so I'm thinking to prepare a meal that my family will love without noticing or asking for meat.
Instead of using pork in this recipe I used Tofu.
Tofu is also a good source of protein .

This is really a super easy recipe .
I used the Lee Kum Kee Premium SoySauce. This SoySauce is not too salty and have this sweet taste ,it can make your dish more flavorful. ( don't get me wrong this is not a sponsored post..hehe)

  Adobong Sitaw with Breaded                                      Tofu

Cooking Time : 30 minutes

2 cups of sitaw/string beans
2 onions ( chopped )
1/3 cup Lee Kum Kee Premium SoySauce
1/8 cup Vinegar
1 tsp brown sugar
Oil for frying
1 cup bread crumbs
8 pcs. of Tofu ( cut 1nch )
1/4 cup water
1/8 tsp pepper

1. Heat enough oil In a frying pan
2. Dip the Tofu in the breadcrumbs .
3. Make sure that the oil is hot befor…

Chicken Ginger Soup ( Tinolang Manok )

Ginger Chicken Soup is mostly serve during Cold and rainy season because it can help our body and tummy to feel warm .
 Do you also know ,that  Chicken Ginger Soup is the first dish to serve for women who just gave birth and lactating mostly in provinces even now in the cities, because its very nutritious and will help to bring back their energy. In most provinces they use native chicken and malunggay leaves instead of chili leaves( dahon ng sili )
It is also serve when one of the member family is not feeling well ,have fever and colds .



2 pcs. of onion

2 pcs. Medium size Chayote (Sayote )


Chili leaves
1/2 kl. of  Fresh Chicken

Note : You also need salt and 1 liter  water and 2 Knorr Chicken Broth Cubes


Saute onion and ginger until fragrant

Add the chicken

When you notice that the chicken meat becomes white ,add the sayote
Add water ,let it boil for 15minutes ( high fire ). Add the Knorr  Chicken Broth Cubes

Let it simmer more for 30mins ( low …

My Sweet and Sour Pork

I remembered eating Sweet and Sour Pork in one of the nice restaurant in Mongkok,HongKong.  My boss ordered it for our dinner and it was my 1st time to try the Chinese Style Sweet and Sour Pork  and I really liked it.
So I  made sure to remember the taste of it in every bite., so I will know what ingredients they use.  After a week I've  tried cooking this dish and may boss said it was similar to taste of the sweet and sour pork that we ordered..
So here is the recipe guys. It's my own version. You can also add pineapple chunks.

Marinating the Pork:
1 kl. Pork (Sirloin) 1 tsp. Salt 1/2 tsp Ground Black Pepper 1tsp. Brown Sugar 2 tbsp. Lee Kum Keep Light Soy Sauce
For Sauce: 1 Green Bell pepper ( cut 1 inch ) 1 Red Bellpepper ( cut 1 inch ) 2 Medium Size Onion ( wedge) 1 Medium Size Carrots ( cut into flower  shape ) 1/2 cup Brown Sugar 1/4 cup Del Monte  Ketchup 1 teaspoon Lee Kum Kee Soy sauce  1/4 cup Water
Other Ingredients: Oil for frying 1 Egg ( Beaten ) 1/2 cup…