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Mekeni makes #TimplangAtin experience more delightful this 2022

  Mekeni Food Corporation will be launching new things this year, signaling a new chapter in the food manufacturing giant’s history. “Something big is coming your way this year and we could not be more excited for what is to come. We are bringing the Timplang Atin experience to a whole new level in the coming months,” said Mekeni President Prudencio S. Garcia. Mekeni started its #TimplangAtin campaign to convey what the brand has to offer to Filipino families here and abroad—quality and taste that can capture hearts and palates, satisfying the different taste preferences of Filipinos. Through this campaign, Mekeni highlights its long-time commitment of delivering flavors that truly represent the Filipino palate. The Pampanga-based food manufacturing company has already started teasing its customers about what they will be launching this 2022. On its Facebook page, the brand posted an 18-second teaser of a song, suggesting an imminent launch of a campaign jingle. Prior to that, Mekeni