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Showing posts from December 25, 2017’s ‘Company Reviews’ Innovative Way to Know if the Company is the Right Fit is part of SEEK Asia, the leading online employment marketplace in Asia. It covers 7 countries namely   Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand,  Malaysia, Hong Kong,   Vietnam. and the Philippines, Technology has made fundamental changes to the way we do business. The traditional workplace of dreary cubicles is nearing obsolescence in the face of modern co-working spaces. Remote working tools are making working from home a viable option for many employees. And now, even the way we find work in the first place is undergoing a rapid and inexorable sea change. Over the last year, technology innovation has risen further into conversations about the future of work. When it comes to the ways new technology and digital adaption impact us in the workplace, it falls on both companies and candidates to decide how to take the next step.  One thing that will make any job search easier is through’s Company Reviews program. It is designed to support candida