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T H I S Burger Not Your Usual Burger

When you're TIRED of your usual burger then THIS BURGER is the best place to visit. Located in Pilar Village, Las Piñas City. This place serves an awesome burger that will really satisfy your taste buds. I know most of you guys like the combination of beef and pork or the vegetarian burger but have you tried the beef and chicken combo patties?, This is what T H I S BURGER are serving to their customers. What's the big difference of THIS BURGER than any other burger store. First, they don't use meat extenders. Just by looking at the pattie you can really see the big difference of it from any other pattie. For me that's a big " WOW"! . The pattie is homemade same with the sauces that they serve together with the burger. The sauces.really compliment the taste of the pattie. They don't use Catsup but don't fret because their homemade sauces are really good. Your going to love this totally awesome burger. They serve flame grilled burger whic