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A Jolly Peach Dessert Perfect For The Hot Weather

When the temperature reach 41 degree Celsius . The first thing that will comes in your mind is to eat something cold. Some of us will open the freezer and look for a dessert like Ice Cream or any frozen fruits but what if there's no ice cream and no frozen fruits. With that kind of temperature some or most of us wont like to go out just to buy the dessert. At times like this its either I'm craving for some Halo-Halo, Mais Con Yelo or a Bingsu. Bingsu are too expensive in a Korean store or cafe. But now you can make a Bingsu at home not as silky as snow but it will be totally refreshing. Jolly Shaved Ice with Peaches Ingredients: 1 can of Jolly Peaches Halves ( cut into cube sizes ) 1 can of Jolly Cow Condensed milk 1 can of Jolly Coconut milk 1 tbsp of white sugar 1 can of Jolly Fresh  milk Procedure: 1. In a medium size bowl put in the Jolly Cow Condensed milk,Jolly Coconut Milk, Jolly Fresh          Milk and lastly the Sugar. Make sure to mix