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Senyor Juan Suman Latik : Offers Rice Cakes with a Twist

                                        Are you an avid fan of Pinoy Kakainin( Filipino Delicacies ).  I grew up eating homemade kakanin like Maja Blanca, Biko, Puto, Kutsinta and Suman  Latik. I always wait for the grandpa who sells Suman Latik in our area but recently he stopped selling Suman Latik in our area.  One of my favorite place to visit if im craving for rice cakes or suman with latik is Senyor Juan. They offer rice cakes with a twist, that it makes more appealing and appetizing. I recently visited one of the Senyor Juan branch in SM Mall of Asia. I was able to try all the new variants which is found really good. BEST SELLER Espesyal Ube Mcapuno Suman Latik Espesyal Ube Macapuno Suman Latik is the their best seller. Around 3:00  in the afternoon its alreadfy sold out. I like the rich taste of the Ube Macapuno on top of the Suman with the original latik sauce. You can indulge this for only P69. My Pick  Espesyal Mangga Suman Latik I l