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How To Survive The Rainy Season

Have you experienced being stranded in your office, company building, streets and inside your house because of heavy rain and flood?. This usually happen to those who work at BPO companies, hospitals, military, police force. That's why these people are often branded as "immortals” My husband works as a CSR, when almost every regular offices are suspended, they are still advised to go to work due to the fact that the customers whom they provide their services are often in the US.  Few days ago , when monsoon rains started hitting the country he still went to work even if there is flood and heavy rain . I was in surprise when he arrived the next day soaking wet even if he had brought an umbrella and jacket with him. That’s why we have these few tips and items to help us get by, during the rainy season 1. Pair of socks, T shirt, dry shorts and face towel -  so you can change and keep yourself dry and avoid catching cold Extra Undergarments and medicine -