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Mekeni: 30 Years of Uplifting Filipino Lives

“A person’s measurement of success is not by how much money he has but by how much the same success affects other people. You cannot only look at your own success but also see that others aroud you succeed too.  Then you can say that you have succeeded in life.”  These are the words of Tatay Felix Garcia, founder of Mekeni Food Corporation. For those who have seen the havoc wreaked upon by the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991 it was devastatingly clear how Porac, Pampanga was almost wiped off the Philippine map. So creating jobs in the lahar-stricken town seemed like a crazy idea to most people.  But Tatay Felix and Imang Meding Garcia weren’t most people. They believed in sharing hope and creating a spark in the darkest moment of their lives. That spark ignited a light for the people of barrio Balubad, and transformed what was then an ashen ghost town into the thriving community that it is today. What they started 30 years ago is now being continued by their children and gran

It’s now or never: Time to shop, homemakers! Lazada Philippines makes Christmas shopping grander for your home!

02 December 2016, Philippines – Thinking of the best and new items for your home this coming 2017? This is a great time for you to purchase things you will be needing all-year-round. Lazada Philippines is holding its Grand Christmas Sale finale from December 07 – 12, 2016. Avoid the holiday shopping hassles because you can now take control! Just download the Lazada mobile app or shop via to get access to best finds for all things home, on sale of up to 95% off. Lazada Philippines gives you a lowdown on what they have in store for you for the Grand Christmas Sale, which includes top brands Luminarc, Philips, Hanabishi, Symphony, Nescafe, American Heritage, and many more: • Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, so why not get a Hanabishi HTB-128 Turbo Broiler (Red) and serve the traditional Christmas ham during Noche Buena? At 43% off, you can get this for only P1,399. • How about a Luminarc Ascot Beverage 7-piece Set? Easy to wash and dishw

PhilCare’s Health Vantage: Your Partner to Keeping Your Family Healthy

For millions of Filipinos working around the world, the decision to work far from their loved ones is fueled by their desire to provide a better future for their families. In fact, numbers from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) estimate that there are 2.5M Filipinos working outside the country in 2015. Anywhere in the world, there is a Filipino toiling in unbearable heat of the desert or the unforgiving cold of the snow, getting their strength from thoughts of going home to a secure future:  kids with good college education, a house that is both beautiful and comfortable, and the possibility of a secure retirement when the time to forego the contract renewal comes. While a comfortable future is something that all Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) have always dreamed of, it’s also understandable that on top of their mind is the health of their family. Because even if it’s possible to send money to cover expenses due to sudden illnesses and hospitalizations, the eme

Save More, Spend Less with Groupon Coupons

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