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A Bowl of Ramen Goodness at Butamaru

Ramen is one of my favorite comfort food and I've been keeping track of the best restaurants that offer the best ramen. Sometimes, my husband and I are going out to find more restaurants that can satisfy my cravings for ramen. Pop up ramen houses and some supermarkets offer their own versions of ramen, but I still prefer my ramen to be cooked with fresh ingredients and freshly made noodles that brings out the authentic taste in ramen and makes your experience more delightful. Recently I visited Butamaru, one of the well-known ramen house in Ortigas. this is a newly established branch next to their other shop which is located at Westgate Alabang , and I can say that I had a very pleasant experience. Their staff was very accommodating and polite, not to mention that the place was very inviting and cozy that gives you that feeling that you are having you're ramen in Japan. here are some of their specialties that I can also say as my favorites. SHOY