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Best Bicycles for an Uphill Climb

Riding your bike around the city is a great way to unwind or add some exercise and variety to your daily commute. When your route includes a hill, you want a bike that can handle the incline. That’s why it’s important to find a women's beach cruiser bike with gears or other style that makes tackling hills a breeze. Follow this handy guide to find the best bike for heading uphill. Gears Are Your Friend Adjustable gears make it possible to ride your bike across a wide variety of terrain. If you’re planning to take on rolling hills on a regular basis, look for a bike that has multiple gears. There are great options for 7-speed or 21-speed models among bikes for women . Opt for a 7-speed version if you think you’ll be riding on non-flat, but not super-steep, streets. A 21-speed version is better equipped to handle uphill climbs, as well as trails and longer distances. The upright riding position of a women's beach cruiser bike with gears is more comfortable for riding