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Hokkaido's Delightful Bake Cheese Tart is now here in Manila

Its been a year since this newest Japanese food trend like the Baked Cheese tart becomes a big hit to Filipinos. I always asked my cousin who work in Japan for almost three years to bring the Hokkaido's best-baked cheese tart.Honestly, I was really touched when she showed me a box of freshly baked cheese tart when she arrived at the airport, starting from that day I always crave for the authentic taste of the Hokkaido bake cheese tart. Japan a country rich in cultural and gastronomical experience. A country in which cheese has been carefully crafted to suit Japanese taste and uniqueness that everyone will love. There’s something about Japan that makes it a dream destination for many—the perfect spring weather, the beautiful but short-lived sakura and its delectable cuisine— rich pork broth of ramen, fresh sushi, melt-in-your-mouth wagyu and delightful cheese tarts, foremost of which is Hokkaido’s cult favorite, BAKE Cheese Tart. BAKE Cheese Tart  opened their stor