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CBIG: Protecting the Unsung Heroes of COVID-19

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Ginhawa sa Kalusugan Ngayong Tag-Ulan: Be ready for the rainy season with these essentials

  As the refreshing rains replace the scorching summer heat, a season shift brings both relief and health challenges. While the rain offers a welcome respite, it also ushers in health concerns that become more prominent during this time. The shift in seasons usually affects me personally because it can impact my health and that of my family. For instance, due to afternoon rain showers, my allergies tend to flare up due to the increased moisture and mold growth. I often find myself sneezing, dealing with itchy eyes, and congestion. Moreover, I've experienced firsthand how the extreme afternoon heat followed by rain in the evening can lead to illnesses like the flu and colds. Last week, my husband caught a cough and flu-like symptoms, and it left him fatigued for a few days, which was quite worrisome for our family. So, the change in seasons hits close to home as it brings with it the potential for health issues, making it a time when we need to take extra precautions.  And as we co

Enjoy your morning and afternoon merienda with Snacktime Favorites

  There are moments in a day where we suddenly feel like munching on a snack. So, it’s best to have your favorites ready when the urge kicks in. If you’re on the lookout for delicious snack options for you and your loved ones, Jack ‘n Jill has got you covered. From cookies that bring delight to ate, kuya and bunso’s morning breaks, up to the crackers that mom and dad can enjoy during their afternoon merienda, there’s Jack ‘n Jill Snacktime Favorites for every member of the family. Here’s how you and your family can enjoy classic (and NEW) Jack ‘n Jill Snacktime Favorites: Make morning and afternoon merienda more delightful with Jack ’n Jill Snacktime Favorites Early morning class recitation and work presentation Gearing up for a work presentation or class recitation? Snacking can sometimes give you that boost of energy that you need to help you think on your feet. For the little ones who usually have their recess as early as ten in the morning, a must-have is the crunchy bite-sized coo

Discover an extra satisfying meal that will fill you up — Jollibee Super Meals!

  A trip to Jollibee means instant happiness because you get delicious food which is loved from all over the world, guaranteed. But there are days when we long for an extra filling meal to keep us satiated for the rest of the day, or as we end the day. For those pursuits for something extra filling, you can opt for a Jollibee Super Meal, an all-in-one meal which features its best-tasting hits through winning set combinations. Customers can enjoy set combinations of some of their favorite menu items like the Crispylicious, Juicylicious Chickenjoy, the Sweet-Sarap Jolly Spaghetti, the Langhap-Sarap Yumburger, the Beefy-Saucy Linamnam Ulam Burger Steak, and more. “Super Meals are Jollibee’s best option for those who want an extra big meal because they can be sure that each component of that meal will be delightful,” said Mari Aldecoa, Assistant Vice President. “The Super Meal is extra sulit as it has no subpar fillers—just pure goodness in every bite—and it will be finished off without an

Cultivating Success: The Inspirational Journeys of Two "Bida Magsasaka" Who Flourished Through Vegetable Farming

As we celebrate Vegetable Farmers' Month this August 2023, East-West Seed, a global tropical vegetable seed company, is excited to share the inspiring stories of two exceptional farmers: Johnny Gatuz and Eden Arquero. These "Bida Magsasaka" demonstrate the incredible impact of hard work, dedication, and passion in achieving success as vegetable farmers. As the saying goes, "Farming is a profession of hope," and these farmers embody that spirit in every way. Johnny Gatuz: From OFW to Thriving Farmer-Influencer Johnny Gatuz, a proud farmer's son from Bulacan, is a former Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who is now a thriving vegetable farmer and Youtube influencer. After five years of working abroad, Johnny felt the tug of his farming roots and decided to return home to the Philippines, driven by a desire to reconnect with his agricultural roots and seek better opportunities. He took a leap of faith by renting a one-hectare farm. "I borrowed P50,000 to

Save Big with Groceries Day: foodpanda's Spectacular Grocery Sale Happening on August 18 to 20!

  Get ready for the most anticipated event of the year as online food and grocery platform foodpanda unveils Groceries Day - an extraordinary three-day shopping extravaganza happening from August 18 - 20, 2023. This is the ultimate opportunity for online grocery aficionados who know how to work hard and shop smart. Whether you're an existing foodpanda app user or a fresh face in the foodpanda family, Groceries Day is your ticket to indulge in an unmatched experience of incredible deals and discounts on a wide range of grocery items, exclusively available on the foodpanda app. "We are thrilled to announce Groceries Day, the biggest grocery sale of the season. This event is our way of giving back to our valued customers, offering them unparalleled savings and convenience in their grocery shopping experience," says Danielle Eleazar, Head of Marketing at foodpanda Philippines. Groceries Day offers customers incredible deals and discounts across an assortment of grocery items

Robina Farms Cage-Free Specialty Eggs bring nutritious, high-quality eggs to Filipino homes

            Quality eggs for every Filipino home. Robina Farms meets the growing need for safe and nutritious produce with Cage-Free Specialty Eggs. Cage-free hens produce quality eggs. This is why Universal Robina Corporation (URC) ensures that Filipino households can have only the best for their everyday meals with Robina Farms Cage-Free Specialty Eggs. Under URC’s agro-industrial arm, Robina Farms focuses on providing clean and safe quality meat and produce to Filipinos. Its Cage-Free Specialty Eggs are harvested from the Robina Poultry Farm, which received the Good Animal Husbandry Practices (GAHP) certification from the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI). The product is also certified No Antibiotic Residue, No Hormone Administered. Now becoming a global trend, cage-free eggs are laid by free-roaming hens. According to a study, these are said to have dramatically lowered risks of salmonella and other dangerous bacteria compared to eggs from caged hens. By allowing hens to carry out

Give your baby the gift of healthy, resilient skin with the yoboo Baby Skincare Set

A baby’s skin is only 1/4 the thickness of adult skin, making it more fragile and sensitive to mechanical stress. It can also be prone to dryness, redness, and itching, which is why it requires extra care by developing good skincare habits with the help of gentle, high-quality products. Finding the most suitable product for your baby’s skin can be challenging due to overwhelming options and information. After all, parents just want the best for their child. Committed to helping every family raise children in a relaxed and scientific manner, Japanese-based brand yoboo provides expertly crafted skincare products for babies using natural plant extracts and biomimetic essence to awaken the skin’s intrinsic vitality. yoboo Baby Skincare Set “As each day goes by, your baby will be exposed to more environments as they experience and learn more about what the world has to offer,” said Chinen Rina, Pediatrician and Founder of yoboo. “Through its products, yoboo aims to provide expert care for b