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Accessible Insurance for Low-Income Filipinos

Life is pretty much unpredictable things that you may have now can be gone in a snap. but being prepared always can give you a secure feeling of whatever happens there is something that you can somehow expect and you won't go empty-handed. Some of us may have taken for granted the importance of getting a life insurance, with a thought that it may be too early or too late to get one and may not be aware that it is more than just ensuring your self but also can giving a peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Last February 27,2018,  I was invited to witness the legacy of one of the most affordable and reliable life insurance company in the Philippines. If I'm not mistaken, I heard about Country Bankers Life Insurance Corporation wat back 1990's. CBLIC will be celebrating their 53rd Anniversary on the 28th March. Country Bankers Life Insurance Corporation was established March 28, 1965, by Mr. Jose E.Desidero, Sr. CBLIC focuses and addresses the insurance

BPI Officially Launched BanKo for Self-Employed Micro Entrepreneurs ( SEMEs )

Last Tuesday, July 25, 2017. Bank of the Philippine Islands officially launched its first micro finance bank. BPI Direct BanKo, Inc or BanKo was the result of the merger of two specialized thrift banks unit of BPI, the BPI Globe BanKo and BPI Direct Savings Bank  Inc. BanKo will be a big help to self-employed micro entrepreneurs ( SEMEs) which has a small business. BanKo will be providing these small business entrepreneurs affordable and appropriate loan products that will be beneficial to their growing business with the help of financial expert advice and solution. As we all know there are a lot of informal channels where SEMEs borrowed money for investment thinking it will be a greater help for their business but instead of doing more good it causes harm to their business. With BanKo, they provide a more formal platform which is more easy, accessible and they can get affordable loans. BanKo recently opened  15 new branches around the country including Bicol, Negros