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How sleep is key to living a better life

Some people think SLEEP is a luxury that they can't afford but for me, it's a necessity. It affects my mood if I don't get the necessary hours of sleep or I'll end up crawling back to bed and won't be able to finish any work. I also noticed that I suffered from stomach problems, mood swing, and high blood pressure during the times that I only sleep 2-3 hrs at night. When it comes to sleep, we always hear the range of  seven to nine hours  as the recommended average for adults.  According to figures, however,  60 percent  of individuals never reach this goal due to different factors, a trend that can wreak havoc on health and overall lifestyle. One of the most commonly pointed factors affecting sleep is work-related stress. According to a study that highlights the direct effects of work on individuals,  33 percent  of the participants identified lack of sleep as an effect of stress. This subject is what Uratex tackled during its recently concluded offi