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How to Choose the Best Natural Fibre Rug

Natural fibre rugs are a mainstay of modern interior design. Affordable,versatile, and stylish, natural fibre rugs are a great addition to virtually any room. However, there are various types of natural fibre rugs available, all of which offer their own advantages that you may find appealing. With various sizes, textures, and colours to choose from, choosing the right natural fibre rug can be quite daunting for first-time buyers. Check the tips below for how to choose the best natural fibre rug for your home: Know your options Natural fibre covers several materials, so it helps to know what your options are before you decide on anything. Wool, sisal, and jute the most popular natural fibre rugs, although both are quite distance from each other. ● Wool is perhaps the most versatile of the natural fibres, coming in various textures and colours, while they tend to quite durable and pleasant to touch ● Sisal rugs are made from the strongest natural fibres , making th