How to Choose the Best Natural Fibre Rug

Natural fibre rugs are a mainstay of modern interior design. Affordable,versatile, and stylish, natural fibre rugs are a great addition to virtually any room. However, there are various types of natural fibre rugs available, all of which offer their own advantages that you may find appealing.
With various sizes, textures, and colours to choose from, choosing the right natural fibre rug can be quite daunting for first-time buyers. Check the tips below for how to choose the best natural fibre rug for your

Know your options

Natural fibre covers several materials, so it helps to know what your options are before you decide on
anything. Wool, sisal, and jute the most popular natural fibre rugs, although both are quite distance from
each other.
● Wool is perhaps the most versatile of the natural fibres, coming in various textures and colours,
while they tend to quite durable and pleasant to touch
Sisal rugs are made from the strongest natural fibres, making them especially durable and great for
high-traffic areas in a home.
● Jute rugs have a natural, earthy appearance with a distinct brown tone, although they’re available
in dyed colours too, and are quite comfortable underfoot.
Other fibres are available too, with options including bamboo, silk, seagrass, hemp, and cotton.

Where is it going?

The location of a rug is one of the most important considerations to make, as it determines the most
suitable shape, size, texture, and material.
For example, if the rug is for a high-traffic area such as a hall, bathroom, or kitchen, you’ll want a more
durable option, such as a sisal rug, which has a thick weave and can handle a lot traffic.
If the space is somewhere like a living room or bedroom, then comfort may be more important. Wool is probably the most comfortable natural fibre rug available on the cheap, while jute is also a nice option

Consider the shape and size
After determining where the rug is going, you can start to think about the overall shape and size. As you’d
expect, larger rooms benefit from large rugs, while compact spaces and bedrooms benefit from smaller size rugs.
It’s a good idea to measure the area where the rug is going, as standard sizes can sometimes be
misleading. A large rug can often be too big for example, so take the time to get the right measurements to
ensure a suitable size.

Try matching it with current décor

While décor always changes in a home, you still want a natural fibre rug that looks good in the intended
room. These types of rugs are generally found in neutral colours, although there are materials that come
dyed, so it should be easy enough to find something that matches the décor.
Now it should be easy to find the perfect natural fibre rug for your home! Remember these tips and you’re
sure to find an attractive natural fibre rug that meets all your requirements.

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