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Cetaphil Baby: The perfect product for babies gentle skin

Babies skin are really soft and delicate. That's why mother's like us should be careful with the product that we use for our  babies. Some babies become irritable and cranky because of some skin irritation. Maybe our babies look fine but their skin are not. Special Newborn Problems Increased tendency to injury  Increased in photosensitivity Increased  susceptibility to irritants Some parents are confused with products that are labeled " for babies" assuming that it is safe and non-toxic to use for babies. During the 5th day of #7Daysof Cetaphil I asked the doctor if its still safe to use a soap bar for babies and kids 0-5 years old since Chelsea also has sensitive skin. Dr. said that she thinks its still safe to use soap to babies if their skin is not sensitive but she advise that it's better to use the one that is safe and non-toxic baby gentle cleanser like Cetaphil Baby. Why not use soap? Skin has a normal pH of 5.5 - 6.5 and mo