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Hokkaido's Delightful Bake Cheese Tart is now here in Manila

Its been a year since this newest Japanese food trend like the Baked Cheese tart becomes a big hit to Filipinos. I always asked my cousin who work in Japan for almost three years to bring the Hokkaido's best-baked cheese tart.Honestly, I was really touched when she showed me a box of freshly baked cheese tart when she arrived at the airport, starting from that day I always crave for the authentic taste of the Hokkaido bake cheese tart. Japan a country rich in cultural and gastronomical experience. A country in which cheese has been carefully crafted to suit Japanese taste and uniqueness that everyone will love. There’s something about Japan that makes it a dream destination for many—the perfect spring weather, the beautiful but short-lived sakura and its delectable cuisine— rich pork broth of ramen, fresh sushi, melt-in-your-mouth wagyu and delightful cheese tarts, foremost of which is Hokkaido’s cult favorite, BAKE Cheese Tart. BAKE Cheese Tart  opened their stor

AI-powered Vivo V9 Surpasses 18,000 Pre-orders in less than 2 week

Vivo's newest flagship smartphone, the  Vivo V9, was yet to be released in authorized stores nationwide, but it had already exceeded pre-order expectations. As of April 5, the Vivo V9 has received over 18,000 pre-orders. The pre-orders started on March 26 after it unveiled the V9 to the press in a summer-themed launch at the City of Dreams Manila on March 22. Due to the unprecedented success of the Vivo V9, additional units will be coming soon to accommodate the growing interest in Vivo’s new flagship unit. Vivo is very grateful to its loyal followers for the continued support. The global smartphone brand assures its fans that it will keep on pushing its boundaries to introduce consumer-friendly revolutions. The Vivo V9 gets over 18,000 pre-orders nationwide in less than two weeks. Known for its cutting-edge and innovative technologies, Vivo is one of the most respected smartphones in the industry. And, it continued to break limits with the release of the Vivo V9. T