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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and the most expensive

Yeah, you know what I mean! The moment that pink calendar sheet of yours turns and the months start saying -ber, all you can think about are the holidays that come with it. Had it been the young me, I would’ve had the enthusiasm of an irresponsible person and spent more than I make. No kidding! Shopping galore! However, as a mom, it’s now up to us to keep our budget in check. The holidays we used to wait for are now our foe bearing the fear of overspending! As much as we want to splurge on Black Friday and Cyber Monday , we also want to have as much food on Christmas. With the left and right inflation , it’s difficult to keep track, and the last thing we need is irresponsible budgeting and giving in to the temptation.  So, how did I change from a binge shopper to a financially responsible mother? Not on my own, that’s for sure. Let me share with you the secrets that help me manage our family’s budget so you can share it with your own. Number 1. Get to know your lowest net income. This